Workshops and training

I'm available for workshops, consulting and mentoring engagements in and around London via my independent software consultancy Electric Head Software.

Consulting engagements are likely to be part of delivering a specific product or piece of code alongside your in-house staff. Normally as short to medium term contacts, I'll work with your team, pair-program, upskill your staff and advise to solve problems and deliver features.

I offer workshops in software development practices. I'm happy to stick to a prepared topic, or work with you to produce something more specific to your business.

There are several areas I'd recommend:

  • Agile software development
  • Ensuring software quality and team maturity
  • Agile software development for "the business"
  • Writing maintainable C#
  • Writing maintainable JavaScript
  • Test Driven Development Workshops
  • Refactoring Workshops
  • Evolving Legacy Systems
  • Designing Cloud Native Software
  • Azure or GCP bootcamps
  • Continuous delivery and shipping fast
  • Performance tuning and troubleshooting web applications
  • Web-scale .NET
  • Software monitoring and self-instrumenting applications
  • Hiring great teams

I offer remote consulting sessions in half hour, hour, and two hour blocks.